Possession byDame A. S. Byatt

  • Started on: 2011-04-29
  • Finished on: 2011-05-02
  • Read in: English
  • Rating: “****-”
  • Genre(s): General Fiction


I discovered A.S. Byatt last year, with The Children’s Book, and I read everywhere that Possession is her other classic. I picked it up last year, but it took me forever to get to it. I don’t know what kept me, but I am glad I finally read it. It took me a while to get into the book. Even though I have been reading more and more Victorian fiction, Victorian poetry is still too much for me. But luckily after a little while the mystery and the scientific search took over and drew me in. I loved how the story was told through poems (even though I didn’t get half of it), letters, diaries and later on some fiction from the era. I also loved the cross over between the Victorian era story and the modern day romance. I didn’t like the American characters, I guess they were just too loud for the rest of the English characters.
For lovers of the works of Byatt, I highly recommend this book.